Horse Ranch Remodel

PROJECT: remodel: 1960 ranch house to equestrian lodge estate
SITE: Tumalo, Oregon. 
This idyllic setting for an equestrian estate, is just outside Bend, adjacent to national forest that reaches towards the three sisters mountain range. The house sits in the middle of 40 acres, with pasture and barns surrounding it. Beautiful views of the mountains peek through different moments on the site.
CONCEPT: Sarah Resor is a mother, equestrian rancher, and a cowgirl, with really good taste. She wanted to keep the budget under 250k, but bring a sense of class and elegance to a dilapidated old ranch home. Coming from Wyoming, we kept to the lodge style, but added elegant details, as an equestrian estate would demand. Creating views of the pastures and the mountains were paramount. She also needed to create private, unique spaces for herself, as well as for her sons.
SUSTAINABLE ELEMENTS: Remodeling and reusing a structure is the best form of recycling . As much of the home was kept intact and reused in another form; the old roof trusses were re-milled into trim, the flooring was recycled from a barn in Kentucky. Old juniper branches and stumps were used from the property to give the home character.